UK’s Toughest Open-Water Adventure Race Sees Over 600 Take Part

We all love challenging ourselves in different events, races, and even food challenges. No matter who you are, there is something that you love to compete in.

Although the UK’s toughest open-water adventure race, Red Bull Neptune Steps, is not for the faint-hearted.

The endurance race takes part in the Maryhill Locks in Glasgow, and it incorporates a 420-metre sprint swim, alongside eight climbs over each canal gate that racers encounter along the way. Over 600 brave competitors took part in the most recent event, which includes cargo net, ropes, wood ladder, rope ladders and a climbing wall.

In the men’s race, Welsh swimmer Dan Jones retained his title with a record time of 6m 5s while a new champion was crowned in the women’s race, as Erin Jeffrey claimed first place in 7m 5s.

Dan admitted that he hadn’t done any open-water swimming since his maiden victory in the 2018 edition but was confident his background in swimming would see him through.

He said: “It was good to win again. I was still as nervous as I was last year, as the rookie, but the last time I wore a wetsuit was when I was here 12 months ago.

“My background in swimming gave me an advantage, especially with the 190m sprint at the beginning, so I always felt confident that I could get that win.”

Andrew Horsfall-Turner finished in second place (6m 11s) ahead of Alex Johnson, who placed third (6m 18s).

In the women’s race, Erin powered to victory ahead of last year’s winner Jennifer Davis (7m 24s), who finished second, and 16-year-old Nicole Reynold (7m 38s), who came third.

She came first in a pool of 128 competitors, a record number of female competitors taking to the water to swim, climb and conquer the world’s only uphill swimming event in front of 3000 spectators along the Forth & Clyde canal.

Erin said: “I’m in shock, mainly from the cold though! The final was really tough and I felt the pressure as I knew Jennifer was chasing me down.

“It felt fantastic to win and it was great to hear the crowd cheering me all the way.”

It really is the UK’s toughest, could you beat it?

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