Making Workouts Social With Heineken® 0.0 And Ministry Of Sound

As we become more health-conscious, is our increasing time spent in the gym impacting on our social life?

Striking the right balance between the two is an essential cog in keeping both a healthy body and healthy mind. For many of us though, that’s easier said than done.

As our connection with technology grows, our face-to-face interactions have dropped drastically over the years, the gym is one of the few places left to escape that.

Heineken® 0.0 has been looking to put the social aspect at the forefront of your workout, teaming up with Ministry of Sound to bring fitness fanatics the ‘Riding High’ fitness event.

Spread across five days, five genres, 14 classes, 75 bikes and over 1,000 people, this was never going to be your average spin class.

Set in London’s most iconic nightclub, The Ministry of Sound offered the perfect spot for a fitness-inspired party, complete with live MC’s and world renowned fitness coaches.

Taking on the challenge, backed by a festival atmosphere, really drives home the importance of both elements, social interaction, our physical well-being and most importantly how they can both complement each other ridiculously well.

Both play such huge parts in everyone’s lives and shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for one another.

Sure, if every time you set foot in a gym, the place was like a nightclub, it could get a little much. That being said, could we be looking at the future of group workouts? Taking the term ‘gym buddies’ to a whole new level?

Given how much fun we had during our session, it certainly isn’t out of the question.

After cooling down and sampling a few delicious superfood supplements, we were treated to a post-workout facial, which was nothing short of delightful. Honestly, can every workout end like this?

To finish off the evening, we got a chance to wind down with the rest of the class over a bottle of Heineken® 0.0, the brand’s alternative, no alcohol, low calorie offering and the inspiration behind the whole event.

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