I Was 336lb – Now I’m An Award-Winning Natural Body Builder

A few years ago I was 24 stone, out of shape and out of breath every time I walked up the stairs. 

I am now a Body Transformation Coach and competing Natural Body Builder.

I recently picked up the Natural Physique Association’s “Best Body Transformation” Award. So I feel it’s time I gave a little back with a few knowledge bombs to help others on their fat loss journeys. 

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Initially, fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Apply these five knowledge bombs and you will soon be on a fast-track to looking and feeling better. 

1) You Can’t Flex Fat 

If you are carrying a lot of body fat the last thing you should be doing is bicep curls and side lateral raises. Pick the more demanding and metabolically taxing compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Rows, Push Press and Kettle Bell Swings. These lifts will create a higher level of adaptation and the all important calorie deficit. 

2) Eat Clean and Get Lean

Pick real foods that are actually good for you rather than processed. In a nutshell, if it’s got an ingredients label on it then it’s most probably processed. You won’t find ingredients labels on vegetables, nuts, meat, fish and eggs. These should make up at least 80% of your diet. 

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3) Half the Effort Leads to Half of the Results

Eating well and training won’t yield any physical results if you only do it once maybe twice a week. Take a consistent approach. I’m not saying train everyday; you need your rest if you’re doing it properly. But you should be hitting the gym regularly and eating properly pretty much all of the time. 

4) Track Your Progress with Photos and Measurements 

Scales are not the best tool for tracking fat loss. I’d recommend taking monthly photos and bi-weekly measurements of your ‘fattier’ areas. Get it right and you will see the inches fall away. If the measurements or photos don’t see results you can identify this and make appropriate changes. 


5) Play the Long Game and Don’t Give Up

You won’t undo years of poor nutritional choices in a matter of weeks so set enough time. You will need at least 12 weeks to really see noticeable changes in your physique. But if you follow my advice, that 12 weeks of hard graft will see positive and life changing results that can put you well on your way to getting your dream body. 

About Jonathan Parsons

Credit: jp_bodytransformation/Instagram

Jonathan is an award-winning body transformation coach and online PT ambassador. When he started his health journey, he weighed 336lb. Follow his Facebook Page and Instagram for motivational pictures and content. 

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