How To Stay Motivated At The Gym

You have a new pair of leggings; a fancy water bottle and you have been to the gym three times this week. The next week however, you just cannot bring yourself to go to the gym, have no interest and feel entirely demotivated.

Sound like you? If so, this article will help you to find ways that you can keep motivated and stick at your routine. Lapses in motivation happen to the best of us and it is a completely normal thing to feel, however hopefully, with these tips, the next time you feel like sitting on the sofa instead of going to your spin class you will be able to get yourself up and chase your goals.

The first way to motivate yourself is to make an amazing playlist that you associate with the gym. Make the tunes uplifting, powerful and happy. Channelling your inner Beyoncé will give you that extra sass and sparkle you need to get you moving. If you head to the gym after work, put the songs on in your headphones as you leave, it will put you in the mood and will mean that you do not make a detour and head back home instead.

Changing up your routine can really help to make sure you stay at the gym. Having the same routine week in week out can become extremely tedious, you feel like you are not progressing and therefore lose interest in the gym. You want to make sure that the gym stays exciting for you so be sure to switch things up often. Ways to change up your routine could be that you reverse the order of exercises, try brand new exercises or even change the rep range and intensity of the workout. Not only will it become more interesting again, you will probably find your results appear quicker than before.

If you do start to get bored of the gym, look at switching to a class once in a while. Classes exist to make exercise more fun, and often by joining other people in a safe and enjoyable environment it can lead to a better workout and even some friends being made. There are loads of new exciting classes such as trampoline fitness, Zumba and even Clubbercise, so grab your glow sticks and get to a class.

Remembering why you started in the first place is one of the best ways to keep motivated. Keeping a motivational board can be amazingly useful for this and can give you something to aspire to! Print of images of your body goals, look in magazines and write down quotes that you feel will motivate and inspire you. Put the board up at home and have a photo of it as your phone wallpaper, so whenever you look at your phone you get a boost of remembering exactly what you want.

Finally, an amazing way to motivate yourself is to have a little competition. Competing against yourself or a friend can give you that little push to work harder in order to win. A good way to do it is to set a date challenge that you need to reach a certain goal by that date, and if you do, then you get a reward. Working with a friend to do so enables the two of you to push each other harder than if on your own! It may be worth checking with your gym to see if they have any current competitions up as often gyms do incentives with free memberships or goodie bags.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you heading to the gym each week and will keep you in the gym for longer at a time. Using these tips will not only mean more gym time, but also will help to get your results quicker. Good luck!

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Leanne is an MSc qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger. She has a vast amount of experience training professional athletes, the public and freelance writing about fitness and nutrition topics. Her blog and Instagram are full of tips, resources and useful ways to change your lifestyle and improve your health!

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